The Omo River Region

The Omo River stream vale in the south-western Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia presents a dramatic distinction to Ethiopia’s northern highlands. far from the dominant Christian/Islamic traditions of the northern Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the southern valleys square measure inhabited by a combination of social group communities, every with their own distinctive customs and look.

Every tent has its own personal shower and long drop bathroom tent settled many steps away.

Hearty breakfasts and hospitable dinners are served at a protracted table below a shaded cover. Lunches are packed and enjoyed on the go whereas visiting social group villages throughout the day.

Considered to be one in every of the last ‘great undiscovered’ places in Africa, the Omo River depression in the southwestern Federal Democratic Republic of may be a region made with cultural heritage wherever tribes untouched by trendy life provides a fascinating glimpse into the hidden treasures of Ethiopia. one in every of the foremost fascinating aspects of visiting these tribes are the complex adornments they use for ceremonies and body art. a number of these creative expressions are rather recognizable considering the isolation during which these tribes sometimes live.

The Omo River could be a huge geographical area, acting as a funnel by assembling all the water at intervals the realm and channeling it to one purpose through perpetually dynamic the marvelous scenery.

The Omo River is hierarchic together of the world’s nice rafting journeys. It offers terribly high stern challenges.

The abundance of the region’s natural beauty is complemented by a spread of vegetations like big euphorbias, fragrant shrub, rare orchids, the bush and classic acacias yet as by gorgeous African forest, bush and waterbird species. Throughout the expedition, we tend to encounter varied gorgeous life-like hippos egress close to the boats for a suspicious examination, crocodiles basking within the sun, harnessed antelope taciturnly taking a day drink, hypnotized antelope staring as we tend to float by, colobus monkey monkeys flying through the trees, baboons barking from their cliffs. there’s conjointly a degree of risk to look at lions, leopards and wild dogs yet.

In the final days of the expedition within the remote zone of the Lower Omo vale, a World Heritage website, we’ve got an opportunity to look at and move with the foremost fascinating, agreeably awful and colorful tribes of Abyssinia, WHO inhabit on the banks of the mighty Omo River.

Other ingredients of the trip like inhabitation instrumentality, navigation devices like GPS and Satellite phones, correct medical kits, full-fledged rafting guides, cooks and scouts yet as a spread of adequate food things and drinking water are organized considerately of utmost importance.